Safety Precautions


The BiltongMate machine has been designed with your safety in mind, but must be used properly. It is not a toy and should be kept out of reach of children and pets.

Ensure that the BiltongMate machine is placed in a well ventilated area, and has sufficient clearance on all sides (at least 1" clearance on the sides, and at least 2" clearance on top).

Do not place any part of your BiltongMate machine in the microwave or dishwasher. If necessary, you may wipe the side panels with a damp cloth, or wash the base in warm, soapy water.

Do not expose any part of the BiltongMate machine (except the base) to water.

Do not attempt to lift the BiltongMate machine by its base, which is not attached. The frame must be lifted using the supplied handles before the base can be repositioned.

Use caution when moving the BiltongMate.

Do not place anything on the top cover, especially items that could obstruct the fan.

Do not insert anything into the fan vent holes on the top cover. Doing so may cause injury or damage.

Do not plug in the fan unless the top cover of the BiltongMate machine is securely resting on the frame. Unplug the fan whenever removing the top cover from the frame.

Your BiltongMate contains parts that may have sharp edges. Use with caution.

Use care when placing the hooks into and taking them out of your meat. The ends of the hook may or may not be sharp.

When loading the machine, ensure that no strips of meat touch each other or the sides or bottom of the BiltongMate machine.

Your BiltongMate machine is for indoor use only. If used in a humid climate, it should be used in an air conditioned home. It should not be used in a garage due to the frequent temperature fluctuations and the presence of car fumes.

The supplied wall power adapter is for use in the USA. However, it may be used with any voltage from 100V to 240V, making it suitable for use in other countries with a voltage in that range, using a plug adapter when necessary (not supplied). For safety, the output voltage that powers the BiltongMate machine is 12V. Exercise all the usual precautions for an electrical appliance.

Food Handling

Wash all counter surfaces before and after handling raw meat.

Wash your hands before and after handling raw meat.

Use only fresh meat that is safe to eat.

We recommend the use of BiltongMate spice mixes with your BiltongMate machine. They contain carefully balanced proportions of spices with natural antimicrobial and food preservation properties. Use of the BiltongMate machine with any other spices is done at your own risk, and results cannot be guaranteed.

Do not keep any spice mix that has come into contact with meat or blood for future use.

Glass or ceramic containers are ideal for making biltong. Plastic can be used but may be stained red by the paprika in the spice mix.

Biltong is a cured meat product and as such is usually prepared and eaten without cooking. However, the USDA recommends heating meat to 160°F (71°C) before the dehydrating process.

Biltong must be kept cool and dry during storage. Immediately discard any biltong that shows signs of spoiling. Biltong should preferably be refrigerated.