Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the BiltongMate use a light bulb?
No. The BiltongMate uses a fan to make biltong. Traditionally, biltong is not made with heat. It is a cured product, not a cooked one. While heat may speed up the drying process, it results in biltong of lower quality. The fan creates a continuous stream of cool air that gently dehydrates the biltong while the BiltongMate spices cure it.

How long will my biltong last?
Most people finish eating all their biltong before this becomes an issue :)
Refer to Storing Your Biltong for more information on how to safely store it.

Do the BiltongMate spice mixes contain any artificial preservatives?
No. The BiltongMate spice mixes contain no artifical preservatives of any kind. They contain carefully balanced proportions of spices with natural antimicrobial and food preservation properties.

Do the BiltongMate spice mixes contain MSG?
No. The BiltongMate spice mixes are MSG free and contain no artifical flavorings of any kind.

Can I use my BiltongMate to make droëwors?
Yes! You can use our Boerie Balls Spice Mix with your BiltongMate machine to make droëwors (dry wors).