Droëwors Recipe (South African Dry Sausage)

2 lb lean ground beef (7 - 10% fat recommended)
1 packet BiltongMate Boerie Balls spice mix (1 oz)
1.5 oz (44 ml) white vinegar (one shot glass full!)
21mm clear collagen casings (available at Amazon)

BiltongMate Biltong Maker (available here)
Sausage stuffer (available at Amazon)
Sausage pricker (available at Amazon)


1. Combine ground beef, spice and vinegar in a large bowl and mix thoroughly.
2. Stuff tightly into casings, pricking well with a sausage pricker, and hang in BiltongMate machine.
3. After 1 day, remove droëwors from machine and use a rolling pin to flatten (removes air pockets). Put back in machine for another 2 days, until there is no more pink color inside the droëwors.

Refrigerate until use.

PLEASE NOTE: Boerewors and droëwors use the same spice, but require different meat mixtures.